Tuesday 4th Feb 2020

Tonight’s Quiz:

There’s only one place to be tonight:

8pm – Basils. Jackpot: £120. Cheat clue: New Order (music round)

Newhaven is the joint. Come and have a go at winning more than a hundred quid in certified UK/Scottish CASH pounds!


Basils used to be the Annfield but now it’s great. Great food, great decor, great quiz with quizmaster Michael

Cheat News

If you get the email or red this page then you’ll always get a free answer for the quiz.

Tonight’s music round New Order which is Joy Division, minus the dead guy and plus a lady.

The song sounds like this:

New Order, now quite old.

Last week’s quiz brought up a third rollover which means you’ll be playing for £120 tonight. Come and win it!


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