Tuesday 25th Feb 2020

Tonight’s Quiz:

There’s only one place to be tonight:

8pm – Basils. Jackpot: £90. Cheat clue: Ottawan (music round)

The jackpot is on the build again. Last time it got to £120. It’ll get there again unless you snap it up tonight.

Get down to Newhaven, breathe the sea air and get a nice burger. Maybe a cocktail. Mmmm.

Basils is at Annfield and it is proper nice. Come and have a look.

Cheat News

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Tonight’s music round includes this disco pop sensation from the old days, performed by Ottawan:

Massive in 1980

This is the exact pivot point between the 700s and the 80s. Disco goes completely mainstream and stops even trying to be cool.

From here on, it’s just Butlins-style, chicken-in-a-basket, end-of-the-pier, family entertainment.

And let it be truly said: that is NOT a bad thing.

This is the song that sent the Bee Gees back to school and plunged John Travolta into a cred wilderness from which he would not fully return until Pulp Fiction fifteen years later.

This is D.I.S.C.O.

But disco has had its day.

What the cool people are looking for now is Tuesday night quiz action.

Make sure you get it!


Team Unhhh win the last Brass Monkey Leith quiz of 2019
Winning the quiz makes you feel nice and comfortable and happy and great.


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Basils burger
Basils burger looks pretty good

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