Tuesday 5th November

Tonight’s Quiz:

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £120. Cheat clue: The Rolling Stones (music round)

It’s Tuesday which means that you can go down to Canonmills for Josh’s quiz at O’Connor’s.

Cheat News

You’ll have heard of the Rolling Stones, who now have a collective age of three hundred and one.

You’ll also know many of their tunes, probably more than you realise, seeing as how they’ve been banging them out for about fifty years.

This is one of their most popular and it’s in the O’Connor’s music round tonight:

Song not really about horses at all

By the way, the rollovers have been racking up at O’Connor’s and Josh’s jackpot is up to £120 in CASH tonight.

That’s right: CASH!

So if you fancy a holiday in Montrose for three, or perhaps a second-hand stand-up piano, with enough money for delivery – then tonight’s jackpot should take care of it for you.

£120 it will feel good, I guarantee it.

Lots of love,

Dr Paul

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