£150 at the Portobello Tap tonight

Monday 14th October

Pub Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot: £100. Cheat: Johnny Bristol (music round)

7pm – Portobello Tap. Jackpot: £150. Cheat: The Small Faces (music round)

9pm – Argyle Bar Jackpot £30. Cheat news: Sofia Loren (pic round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £60. Cheat news: Pablo Picasso (pic round)


Here are the music round cheats for tonight

The first is for the Brass Monkey Leith:

Johnny Not-From-Bristol

That’s a pretty smooth soul sound but despite being named Johnny Bristol, Johnny Bristol is not FROM Bristol at all, he’s from North Carolina.

It’s a bit of a rip-off, these American entertainers cutting about with tricky UK place names in their personal names, making the FANS think they’re somewhere they’re not.

The same accusation can be levelled at Belinda Carlisle and Melissa Manchester.

And, of course, Michelle Pfeiffer – who’s never even BEEN to Kirkcaldy.

Meanwhile the Portobello Tap music round will contain this song by The Small Faces:

The Sixties – along time ago

This is a sixties song. Now, I’m getting pretty old but I still don’t remember the sixties. This is something that’s before my time.

I still know the song though – and so do you now – (if you listen to the vid)

See you tonight – x

Dr P

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£150 at the Portobello Tap tonight
£150 at the Portobello Tap tonight

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