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Tuesday 13th August 2019

Tonight’s Quiz:

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £90.

£90 jackpot at o'connor's
Watch out for Lenny

Kerry is back tonight at O’Connor’s – and with the jackpot at £90 there’s every chance Lenny Henry will turn up.

Sorry, SIR Lenny Henry. I forgot about his knighthood that he earned by advertising cheap hotels that are handily places for easy access to the Motorway network.

Cheat News

One of the answers in tonight’s picture round is ‘Blackadder 2’

Y’all remember Blackadder don’t you? Or is it one of those things that I think is commonly known but it turns out it was on TV 30 years ago and isn’t quite as universal as I think?

Nahhh, everyone knows Blackadder.

It’s a difficult balancing act sometimes, asking questions which everyone can guess at. Finding a set of questions is hard where everything can ring a bell but which are not too easy for the seasoned quiz-goers.

And yet we manage it every time. That’s cos DP Quiz is the best. For real. Top truth.

How old is Kailzie
How old questions – universal.

That’s why “how old questions” sometimes occur in the picture round – they are a great example of something that is universally in common. Also – bloody hard to Google!

So come to the quiz tonight. 9pm at O’Connor’s

you owe it to yourself.


Dr Paul

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