O'Connor's at Canonmills

NEW QUIZ for TUESDAYS! – starting tonight

Brand New Pub Quiz in Edinburgh Tonight:

On the back of continuing success in Musselburgh, Kerry now brings you Tuesday nights in the Canonmills area… at brand new pub O’Connor’s

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £100. (one-off special jackpot for opening night only) Cheat: Supergrass(music round)

This is a new night. You can say you were at the very first quiz at O’Connor’s. And to make it extra-festive, top boss Christy is putting up a one-time-only £100 jackpot.

I’m not a hundred per cent sure of the deal but I THINK we’re saying this hundred pounds MUST BE WON.

Now, opening nights tend to be a little quiet, so that’s good odds. Get your ass to Canonmills.

If you don’t live in North Edinburgh you might not know where Canonmills is. It’s basically at the bottom of Broughton Street – where Rodney Street meets Broughton Road.

The number 8 bus goes there and so does the 36. The 23 and the 27 pass nearby. It’s a fucking great wee part of town.

As ever, I’ll post a cheat on the day. Tonight’s cheat is for the music round and it’s 90s rockers Supergrass. This is what the song sounds like:

The Grass

So come on and get your North Edinburgh Tuesday night vibe moving. Do it!

If you do know the area, you might already know that O’Connor’s is an entirely new business, having taken over the space that used to be ‘The Other Place’

The Other Place was all right but O’Connor’s is going to be loads better and that is OFFICIAL


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