Sunday 16th June, 2019

Tonight’s quizzes :

6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £60. Cheat: Mungo Jerry (music round)

8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £60. Cheat: Skoda Fabia (pic round)

SO, it turned out last week that the Women’s World Cup did add to the numbers in the pub but not to the point where we had to cancel the quiz.

That’s kind of ideal.

If you come to the Percy tonight you’ll see the end of USA v Chile, in which the USA will pump goals past the South Americans like there’s no tomorrow and celebrating each and every one of them like the second coming.

Image result for womens world cup usa celebrate against thais
Being a bad winner. Sometimes you just have to.

But let’s face it, you’re the same when you just keep getting answers right in the quiz.

We are built to celebrate. It’s natural.

Meanwhile, here is the music round cheat info which relates to the quiz at the Persevere tonight:

Pixies Fan Art Vid

It’s Mungo Jerry.

I always though this song contained an air of menace.

They talk about drink driving, they talk about just getting out there and doing whatever you want.

They sing “We’re not bad people – but we do as we please“.

Can you feel the danger?

Anyway, enjoy the World Cup, enjoy the quizzes. I hope you win the quiz and I hope we all live forever.

See you at the quiz tonight.


Dr Paul

team spirit
team spirit

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