Queen Tamta of Cyprus

Monday 13th May 2019

Pub Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot: £50. Cheat: Echosmith (music round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £150. Cheat news: Rabbit(pic round)

Big mad ton fifty at the SAFARI, tonight

And here is the cheat music round clue for tonight. It’s Echosmith at the Brass Monkey:

The Cult, tearing up the mid-eighties

Fun fact: the band is made of one sister and three brothers. Although the older brother has now left.

The singer is only sixteen when the song was released in 2013.

The song remains their biggest hit in America and their only hit in the UK. After today you might never hear about Echosmith again.

Anyway, who cares? It’s Eurovision week and that’s all that’s important.

Lordi, back in the day.

I have no quizzes on Tuesday so you can watch the first semi-final unhindered. If you come to the quiz on Thursday you could miss the second semi, but – like me – you can watch it on catch-up when you get in.

I know some of you still reject the idea of watching the semis (you are mental), so the final is on Saturday and is going to be brilliant.

If I put my money anywhere this year, it has to by Cyprus.

Cyprus are not top of the betting at the moment. Top 3 at the moment are Netherlands, France and Sweden but I genuinely think these songs are pish and cannot win.

Seems harder to predict than last year though which was straight Cyprus v Israel.

Anyway, if you “don’t like” Eurovision, don’t worry about it and just come to the quiz. There are not too many questions about the world’s greatest annual event. Just the occasional one. Nothing to fear.

See ya later – x

Dr P

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Thelma and Louise winning at the Safari Lounge
Thelma and Louise winning at the Safari Lounge

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