Monday 7th Jan 2019

Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£50. Cheat: Pet Shop Boys (pic round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £30. Cheat news: Guns n Roses (music round)

Welcome back! Everything is normal. Everything is great. I love New Years.

Here is the bonus free answer you get for reading this. It’s old-time rockers Guns n Roses, who seemed so wild in the 80s and, looking back, seem so tame.

Watching bits of the video, it’s clear that Guns n Roses had a policy to keep moving on stage, running if possible. I’m guessing this is a calculated move, designed to make sure the show remains visually exciting at all times. It doesn’t look spontaneous. I ain’t saying this is a bad thing – just an observation.

Anyhow: I don’t have a lot else to say today except I hope you all had a great New Year and I hope to see you at the quiz tonight.

Everything is normal again. I’m happy.


Dr P

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