The Fresh Princess of Bel Air

I did a bonus speed-round last night at the Newsroom where teams were asked to come up with ten artists (bands or singers) with names related to plants.

One of the answers handed in by Quizlamic State was “Willow Smith”.

So I ask, “Who’s this?”

Willow Smith 2011.jpg

Turns out she’s Will Smith’s daughter. More than a few teams seemed to know this.

This raises a few WTFs:

  1. WTF is Will Smith doing being old enough to have a daughter who is old enough to have her own music career?
  2. WTF is wrong with Will Smith: having a daughter and then calling her Will(ow). That’s a Dick Move, officially.
  3. WTF! – when I had a quick looky-uppy it seems that Willow Smith is not yet 18 and that she released her first pop record (‘Whip My Hair’) when she was NINE YEARS OLD. What mad hot-housing is this?

She looks like him doesn’t she? But then, that’s how it works.

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