The Weekend Has Opened Its Landing Gear…

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £30. Cheat answer: Rudyard Kipling (pic round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £50. Cheat answer: Die Antwoord (music round)

Thursday is a great day to come to the quiz. Take it from me. I do all the nights and I know that people on Thursdays are among the most sane. Maybe its just the bars I do on Thursdays.

The Argyle has sane young students with bright futures. The Newsroom has sane office people, holding lives together including full-on adult shit like jobs and relationships and parenting and making enough cash to afford cocktails and wine.

Meanwhile, here’s Die Antwoord who pretty much make the best pop videos. This one is in the music round at the Newsroom tonight:


Cannae beat Die Antwoord. Best band since Tatu and/or S club 7

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