Thursday Titanic Struggle Of The Will

I just typed that headline in a mental realm of poetry and I am immediately frightened that it may mean something fascist or nazi, by mistake.

Anyway – tonight’s quizzes:

7pm: Argyle Bar. Jackpot £210 (wow). Cheat news: One of the picture round answers is Terry Butcher.

9pm: The Newsroom. Jackpot: £100 (hey). Cheat news : one of the music round answers is Nelly Furtado. This is the song:

Nelly Furtado looks like she should be in The Corrs. She has that kind of always-sad face that would fit right in.

According to youtube comments, this song has something to do with the Fifty Shades of Grey Film.

This morning I read that EL James has sold more books in the UK than JK Rowling.

Take THAT, Harry Potter and your wizard-hat pish. Spanky Mom-porn is a bigger draw than your inability to kill the bad guy, book after book after book.

Did anyone read all of the Harry Potter books?. I read a few myself back in the day but got bored after either three or four volumes of the stuff.

My seven-year-old is more advanced than me and has become a bit tired of Mister Potter and his pals after two and half books. Fair play, likesay.

Since typing the above I’ve been listening to the video and have realised that the Furtado track is utterly shite. Luckily in tonight’s music round it will only last around fifteen seconds. Good.

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