Thursday Pub Quiz Edinburgh Action

Come and have a shot at tonight’s quizzes:

7pm – The Argyle Bar (Upstairs). Jackpot £30. Cheat: Peter Howson in one of the pic round answers.

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £150. Cheat: The music round includes the theme from Mork & Mindy, see vid below

I never used to particularly enjoy Mork And Mindy. I think I had a problem with Robin Williams being so hairy like an apparently-grown-man but then fucking around like a three-year-old.

I get that he was supposed to be a jester, a fool, bringing the colour and wisdom of childhood back to the grey adults, but the whole man-child thing doesn’t appeal. Never has.

I also didn’t like the way they cut about in a jeep with no roof. Being from Scotland makes this kind of behaviour seem reckless. Do they not have rain in Boulder, Colorado?

I also never liked the name ‘Mork’. To me it sounded like a simpleton attempting to pronounce ‘Mark’. And Mindy was rubbish, she did nowt.

Happy Days was better.

Hey Cunningham. Quiz me.

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