Sunday Gives and Never Takes

Sunday’s like your friend who brings you biscuits and coke when you are depressed. Sunday is nice.

The Persevere, 6pm

Easter Road is the location, the Percy is the venue and you can meet lots of local celebrities when you come to the quiz, such as The Plebs, Blue Fox Tuesday and The Chameleons.

Jackpot: The aforementioned Chameleons won the money last week, so we are back down to £30.

Cheat: The music round includes the B-52s performing ‘Rock Lobster’. First single I bought, as it happens. You can hear the song by clicking the video at the bottom of this post.

Tolbooth Tavern, 8pm

Halfway down the Canongate lurks the Tolbooth. If you can find it, you’ll enjoy it. Sunday smells like success.

Jackpot: Unusually, we have a bit of a rollover: it’s £90 tonight

Cheat: The picture round tonight includes the answer The Legend of Zelda. It’s something to do with computer games.

dr paul quiz winners edinburgh
Dr Paul quiz winners

So how about that video. Yes, it’s coming up in a second. I just want to first say how much I love the B-52s.

“I love the B-52s.”

There you go.



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