Tonight’s Pub Quizzes In Edinburgh


Argyle Bar (Cellar), 7pm. Jackpot: £90, Cheat “Motorhead” – see vid below

Newsroom, 9pm. Jackpot £150. Cheat “Lenin

The thing about Motorhead is that they were actually good.

A lot of people think they were some kind of joke or trope.

But the songs stand up, even as Lemmy settles into a bit of a break.

A lot of people think it’s just The Ace of Spades (I thought so for many years), but there’s much more to the ‘Head than their best-known tune.

Some of my favourites are ‘Bomber’, ‘Iron Horse – Born To Lose’, ‘The Hammer,’ ‘Killed By Death’ and ‘We Are The Road Crew’. Look ’em up on youtube anytime you like.

A clip of this is in the music round at the Argyle tonight:

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