Nigel Farage in a Garage

I had a drawing contest on Wednesday at The Joker & The Thief.

The challenge was to draw Nigel Farage in a Garage. There are at least four different ways of pronouncing that sentence.

Anyway: Here are six of the best:

1. Infographic

This one goes for reductive simplicity:

drawing contest nigel farage in a garage (2)

2. Pipe Swap

Farage has a pipe up his pipe. Wisely, he is not smoking in this one.


drawing contest nigel farage in a garage (3)###2. Massive Dog

3. Massive Dog


This one renders the UKIP mastermind as a very massive creature that looks a bit like a dog. I like this one and I can’t think why.drawing contest nigel farage in a garage (4)

4. Think of The Children

Nigel Farage has a solution for orphaned emigrants/travellers/refugees/migrants/incomers (etc). Put them in a garage and make them watch kinky stuff.drawing contest nigel farage in a garage (5)


5. Plain Evil

The malevolence of Nigel’s racism shines through in this catchy number:drawing contest nigel farage in a garage (6)

6. The Winner

And the winner was this one which has got just enough sex-stuff in it but not too much.


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