Chin Up, Jimmy Hills Death Could Make One Man A Millionaire

I got an excitable email from Nicholas the other day after the death of Jimmy Hill.

Nicholas asked “so am I a millionaire?” The sense of excitement in his email was palpable and, indeed, Nick did indeed choose the mighty-chinned soccer innovator for the December Dead Pool but Nick to calm the jets because …

  1. He was to wait until the end of the month to see if anyone more famous dies. The rule is that your pick has to be the most famous selection to die in any given calendar month.
  2. He doesn’t actually win a million pounds. The tone of his email made me think that perhaps he didn’t read the small print and that he actually thinks he’s in line for an real cash payout of some enormity, rather than the scratchcards with a potential value of one million pounds that I actually give out for dead pool.

Still, it’s our first Dead Pool death since Cilla in August so the total potential jackpot is £4 million. Dare to dream Nick, dare to dream!

Jimmy Hill and Bruce Forsyth comparing chins
Jimmy Hill compares chins with one man who may prevent Nick making contact with his riches.

Meanwhile, here’s the list of other names that have been picked for December dead pool. How many of these would trump the chin?

Angela Lansbury
Bashir Al-Assad
Betty White
Britney Spears
Bruce Forsyth
Buster Bloodvessel
Carrie Fisher
Charlie Sheen
Charlton Heston
Cliff Richard
Clive James
David Attenborough
Diana Ross
Dolly Parton
Donald Trump
Dwayne Johnson, The Rock
Esther Rantzen
Jeremy Corbyn
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Hill
Justin Bieber
Keith Chegwin
Kylie Minogue
Lady C
Lamar Odom
Liam Neeson
Maggie Smith
Michael Douglas
Michael Schumacher
Mr. T
Neil Young
Noel Edmonds
Norman Tebbit
Ozzy Osbourne
Paul Daniels
Paul Gascoigne
Prince George
Prince Philip
Prince Philp
Salah Abdesalam
Sepp Blatter
Sigourney Weaver
Tayip Erdogan
The Queen
Timothy West

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