This Is How We Feel About The Queen

Last week Britain was temporarily interested in the monarchy as #longestreign became a Twitter hashtag and Elizabeth celebrated coming out from the correct fanny and then having an appropriate vacancy open up through abdication and death, meaning that she has become the de facto head of a particular country of about 60 million people for longer than anyone else has been de facto head of that particular country. Hoo fucking rah.

Anyway, to “celebrate” I asked teams to make a portrait of the Queen. Here are some of the results:

QUEEN PORTRAIT B SHARPSI liked this a lot. It looks exactly like Mutha Bacon out of Biffa Bacon out of Viz.

QUEEN PORTRAIT BEARDY MANI kind of ignored this at the time but now I’m thinking it should have won. It’s like the Elephant Man has been flattened by a milk float. It would make a great stamp.


QUEEN PORTRAIT JACKIE CHANThis was one of the “proper drawing” efforts. Aye not bad.


QUEEN PORTRAIT MATT THE CATA dark image from a dark mind

QUEEN PORTRAIT THREE SISTERSAnother “proper drawing” effort but this one has more charm, I would say.




QUEEN PORTRIATShocking deathbed scene lays waste to any meaning Prince Charles may have enjoyed during his life.


QUEEN TEAM CLAIREThis came from a foreign team. I guess this is how they see her abroad… kind of like a lady version of Harold Bishop.


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