Jokes Roundup

Some more jokes which have been handed in recently. If any are too small to read you can click the pictures to see ’em full-size.

First there’s a shite rabbi joke and its nice when someone apologises for their shite rabbi joke:

Sometimes people prefer to hand in a comedy rhyme rather than a strict feed-punch joke construct:

This team admitted that they couldn’t think of anything because Phil Collins is the Beast

Most of the Japanese tsunami jokes so far have been quite creative and not-at-all-racist. Here’s the exception that proves the rule, inevitably coming from the pen of Google Eyed:

The basic horse-with-the-long-face joke can be made funnier by just adding an extra line for the horse:

This helium factory joke bombed but I loved it:

And I also love this out of order joke but you know what, I tihnk this actually won on the night it was handed in  (I can’t remember for sure though)…



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