Jokes Roundup

Some of the recent jokes handed in at the Dr Paul pub quizzes in Edinburgh… If any are too small to read, you can click the picture to see a full-size rendition.

First there was this one handed in at the Newsroom, a real favourite of mine, about a bird who isn’t right beside you:

Then one from the Beast side of things. You don’t often get jokes picking on diabetics…

The Tom Jones joke is NOT usually worthy of inclusion in a round-up like this because its a wee bit vanilla, heard it a few too many times. But just at the quality of the handwriting here. You don’t get handwriting like this any more:

Here’s one of the all-time brutal jokes. Short, sharp and shocking:

Then a wee crafty golf-course joke, still nasty but a good 70% less brutal than the previous number:

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