Drinkers = Thinkers

Sometimes, the team that drinks the most also answers the most questions right and this was true on Monday at The Reverie where PARAGUAY SHOULD HAVE WON 3-1 were in rampant form, both in ordering dirnks at the bar and in answering questions.

pub quiz team winning at The Reverie, NEwington, Edinburgh
Paraguay Should Have Won 3-1

The booze skills in the team were largely under the management of Irish Mark (not pictured) who was doing nothing to buck his national stereotype. Downing pints of Guiness in one go? Good things come to those who wait but also to folk who just throw it down their neck!

Sarah wasn’t drinking at all (she was driving) so it was she who was sent forward to face the Riddle of The Beast. She found Phil Collins in execution mode:

Q. What is Phil Collins’s favourite method of state execution?

A. Gas Chamber

B. Lethal Injection

C. The Chair

D. Phil Collins does not believe in capital punishment

After some debate in the team, Sarah was ready to choose the chair but was swayed by Alana who insisted on lethal injection.

Whaddya know – its the chair. Phil knows that the chair is the most painful and gruesome and that’s why its his execution method of choice!


£140 next week and its all in the hands of REPLACEMENT QUIZMASTER MARK, pictured below. Obey him as you would me.

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