Watch Secret Fortune Being Recorded in Glasgow

Nick Knowles
Nick Knowles

Would you like to go and see a big-league quiz show unfolding live, before your very eyes?

A pal of mine, Mary, is putting together an audience for The National Lottery “Secret Fortune,” an exciting new Saturday Night game show for BBC1, hosted by Nick Knowles.

It’s a brand new BIG MONEY quiz sho,  featuring a pair of contestants guaranteed to leave with a Secret Fortune. How big that Fortune is will depend on how well they cope with a series of life-changing decisions.

The show will be recorded at BBC Scotland Pacific Quay, Glasgow and Mary is looking for a lively audience to join in on the fun!

A pilot for the show is being recorded on Thursday 13th May


Thursday 24th June
Friday 25th June
Saturday 26th June
Sunday 27th June
Monday 28th June

To apply email:
Or call 0141 334 7186

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