Newsroom Quiz Winners – No Jackpot

American-Scottish team INSERT FUNNY TEAM NAME HERE started the quiz disastrously but came back strong and were soon dominating the situation.

In the end they won by 10 points. Hoopla!

winners at edinburgh pub quiz dr paulAlso – they collected a WINNING scratchcard and so took a £1 for that. However, they weren’t so lucky with the real cash. After all teams had failed to come to terms with the challenge, our winners got a straight shot at the cash with the following Riddle of The Beast:

Who is Phil Collins’s favourite serial killer or killers?

A. Yorkshire Ripper

B. Jack The Ripper

C. The Moors Murderers

D. Bible John

They got it wrong so we’re playing for £30 next week. Would you have known?

Meanwhile, the highlight of the quiz was quite possibly the drawing contest in which teams were invited to draw a picture of EITHER David Cameron riding a tiger OR Nick Clegg being orally pleasured by a peacock.

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