Let’s Get Quizzical Are Good Anyway But Then Along Comes Stewart

Stewart is in the top rank echelons of DP Quiz legends. He wins a lot through sheer hard work, lots of knowledge and (occasionally) moaning his face off.

When he teams up with another super-powerful DP quiz entity, its going to be difficult for the other teams in the house and that’s how it proved to be at The Reverie on Monday.

Let's Get Quizzical
Let's Get Quizzical

Winners, winners, winners but alas they came to ultimate jackpot grief on the horns of THE BEAST and we have a rollover at Reverie which now adds up to £80 next Monday.

The Riddle of The Beast this week was all about his favourite flowers. The answer is Marigolds which, of course, are the flowers of DEATH. You see, there’s always a logic to the Riddle of The Beast.

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