Beast Burns More Victims

Phil “The Beast” Collins was at work again last night, setting a trap for the unwary members of IT’S BASED ON THE COIN.

It's Based on The Coin

The Coin, it has to be said, came back superbly from a medicore performance to STORM the minefield round with a blazing ten out of ten while all around them were losing their heads and scoring minus points.

I don’t understand this: when you’re looking at a minus two – why guess on a question like: In Thoms The Tank Engine, what colour is Duck (out of Thomas the Tank Engine)? People are guessing yellow and brown? I’m thinking: wtf?

Anyway, IT’S BASED ON THE COIN aced the last round, dealt with the challenge and finally faced the Beast for £40 in real cash.

beast vs dan
i will kill you


Q. What is Phil Collins’s favourite way to kill a witch?

A. Burn her

B. Hang her

C. Drown Her

D. Cut her head off

The answer of course is :A) burning.

The reasons? Burning is the traditional method and Phil Collins likes traditional things, like Christmas. Also, burning hurts the most. Also – there’s “No Jacket Required” when you’ve got a nice fire on the go.

Burn, bitch. Burn forever. BEAST.

The Coin – STUPIDLY – chose “hanging. Durh!

Sixty quid next week.

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